This past weekend was packed with RF.  It all started with a phone call from a local Helicopter company on Monday, May 7th, needing a downlink from a Cineflex Camera in the Helicopter shooting a commercial on the Bay Bridge on Saturday May, 12th.  Great.  The it got a little complicated when we received a phone call regarding Aerials needed for the ALMS at Laguna Seca for the same Saturday.  Got all the parties to say yes and everything looked great.  Big shout out to John Razzano who was called last minute to Tech the RF set-up in Laguna Seca on Friday.  Great job.  Friday night, after having issues with Power on the Helo I went over to the Bank ATM before going to the Hanger to finish prepping the Helo.  When I returned to the ENG Van the engine wouldn’t start.  I mean Electrically DEAD.  Oh NO!  I need this vehicle for both events on Saturday.  The Bay Bridge for the Director and Producer to sit in to view the Helicopter and then to drive down to Laguna Seca for extra support of John Razzano.  My business partner, Steve Krause, didn’t skip a beat when I called him, and told him what was going on.  He met me at the shop to receive our sick truck and help me come up with a backup plan.  The plan involved his Ford Expedition acting as a ENG Truck.  It worked great as you can see in some of the pix.
Heading off to Laguna Seca after the Bay Bridge shoot, the Helo got there around 12:15 pm and was in the air when I arrived at 12:50 pm.  After a Transmitter swap out, they were able to get in the air about 10 mins after the race started.  The Helo crew of John DuGan and Tom Miller had a little rough time in the first hour of the 6 hour race.  After a little extra direction and them finding their “groove” above the event, the main part of the race looked great.  What a day!
Answer:  They both had the same Helicopter shooting Aerials and being received by P.O.V. Video.  (NOT at the same time)
Monday, May 14, 2012